Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No news is good news

There are times in life when it is wonderful to see your name in the paper but believe me there are times when it is nice to not see your name in the paper. Wednesday was such a day. This was the day when the Albuquerque Journal published the list of APS principals who had been reassigned to different schools. Several parents called frantically to say they had heard a blurb on the Tuesday evening news about principals being transferred. They asked if Pam or I was on the list. I was pleased to report to the parents that we were to remain at Taylor next school year.

The good news is this will allow us to provide leadership continuity into next school year as we move to the new six period schedule. We have made strides this year to increase extracurricular activities and we hope to continue to make improvements each year. We continue to believe that Taylor is the best middle school in town and we want to become even more responsive to the needs of our students and parents.

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