Thursday, May 27, 2010

It was a very good year!

One of my favorite Frank Sinatra songs is “It Was a Very Good Year.” I love how Sinatra goes through the progressions we encounter as humans from young love to middle age to “the autumn of life”. One thing that helped make it a very good year for our school was the wonderful parent volunteers who helped in so many ways including Cheryl Howard, Tanya Lattin, Kathy Vargas, David Vargas, Frank Wirtz, Mary Ann Kay, Gary Cosper, Tiana Crollett, Anna Garcia, Marcos Diaz, Carlos and Sarah Torrebiarte, Sarah Sherk, and the countless band, chorus, and orchestra parents who volunteer their time to help our programs.

While I think this year was successful, I think another Sinatra lyric - “The Best is Yet to Come” - expresses my hopes for the future. Next year, we will:
• Combine 6th grade parent night with the 7th-8th grade parent night to have a single “Meet the Teacher Night” in late August- (Date TBA).
• Create a Parent Resourced Center in our Library where parents can access the Internet and a library of resource materials
• Use Title One monies to pay for fingerprinting and criminal background checks for 20 parents who want to volunteer here at Taylor.
• Create more signage in both English and Spanish.
• Use Title One Parent Involvement funds to provide food for two parent nights during the school year.
• Offer conversational English classes for parents who want to improve their English skills.
We want all parents to feel welcome at Taylor. We are your community school and we are here to be of service. Thanks to Title One funding, we are going to be able to offer new services we could not provide this year. We will share more information about these ideas at registration.

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