Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dress code updates

One way that middle school students express their individuality is through their clothes. One way that school leadership helps provide an orderly environment is through the school dress code. These two aims- expressing student individuality and ensuring a safe distraction-free learning environment – can at times conflict. That has been the case with some frequency this spring. Allow me to say that 95% of our kids follow the dress code day in and day out without exception. Kudos to these kids and their parents for supporting our dress policies and helping enforce them. But there are few who like to push the envelope every day. The most frequent dress code problem is saggy pants on guys. Mrs. Meyer and I have just started a crusade to eliminate sagging at Taylor by writing up chronic saggers. Saggers will receive one day of lunch detention for the first offense and repeat offenses will lead to stiffer consequences. The second most frequent “wardrobe malfunction” is failure to wear a polo shirt. Students know by now that polos are required. Failure to have the proper shirt will also lead to lunch detention. Students have been asking me to declare a Dress Down Day next week. I am pleased to report that we do want to recognize the efforts of students to comply and we are announcing a dress down day for Wednesday, Feb. 17.

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