Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DBA results

Our students take the District Benchmark Assessment three times a year (fall, winter, spring) to assess progress in mastering the NM Content Standards and Benchmarks. The test gives us a good idea how our kids stack up. The winter math DBA results show our kids doing extremely well compared with the district average.
Grade Taylor- Math APS Average
6th 61.9% correct 59.3% correct
7th 57.1% 54.4%
8th Algebra 55.3%
66% 49.9%
Our reading scores were also competitive
Grade Taylor - Reading APS Average
6th 64.3% correct 65.2% correct
7th 59.9% 59.97%
8th 70.5% 67.6%
These tests provide teachers with a standard-by-standard analysis of each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Teachers have been working in departments to analyze these data. In reflecting on the data, I am pleased that math scores exceeded district averages and that reading scores were competitive. As teachers review data, they will make adjustments and we will continue to see scores rise in the spring. Parents play a key role in helping your kids succeed on these tests by encouraging them to do their best. The DBA test is important within the district because it gives us a snapshot view of what standards we need to reteach. Accurate data leads to accurate re-teaching. Accurate re-teaching leads to improved learning. Parental support is crucial to helping your kids do well on this assessment. Have a great week!

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