Monday, October 19, 2009

Who could ask for more?

Pssst, can I let you in on a little secret? You have to promise not to tell anyone. Okay here it is – I have the best job in APS and I think I am extremely lucky to have it.

Here’s why I believe this: I get to work with gifted and talented kids from wonderfully diverse backgrounds who continually amuse and amaze me with their crazy ideas, savvy insights, and wacky sense of humor. I enjoy the camaraderie of a caring and compassionate cadre of educators who continually challenge me to be the best leader I can be (nice alliteration, no?) I have the privilege of dealing with concerned parents and community members who want our school to be better today than it was yesterday. Finally, I get to represent you on occasion to our legislators and local officials. It was in this last capacity that I received a phone call today from State Representative Ben Rodefer, (D – Corrales).

Rep. Rodefer, a Taylor alumnus, called to let me know of his strong support for public education and his opposition to cuts to schools in the upcoming special session. We had a wide-ranging discussion about the budget crunch and the hard choices he and his colleagues would be faced with. I shared with him our hopes for funding of construction of a new classroom wing to replace our 12 portable classrooms. I invited him to visit Taylor after the session was over to take a tour of the campus. Whatever the outcome of the special session – whether we have to make cuts or not – I was impressed that our state legislator cared enough about our school and our children to call and listen. So I guess I have one more reason that I feel lucky to be at Taylor – a state representative who takes the time to care for his alma mater. Who could ask for more?

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