Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New staff added to our school

I am pleased to announce three new additions to our Taylor staff.
• Valerie Ortiz who is our new automatic substitute. Valerie came to us from Taft MS where she was the autosub last school year. She has her BS in Secondary Education from NMSU and is endorsed in language arts. She is pursuing a master’s in degree counseling from NMHU.
• Jana Rupp joined us this week as our newest math teacher. She will filling in for Mrs. Muxworthy for remainder of the year during her maternity leave. She has a BA in math from Benedictine College and an M Ed from Framingham State College. She has eight years teaching math teaching experience and is HQ in math.
• Sam Smith has joined our science department as Bonnie Bissell’s partner under the STEMS program. He and Bonnie will be reconfiguring her classes once he becomes acclimated. Sam has his BA in chemistry from UNM and is pursuing an M Ed in education from UNM.
• We have interviewed for the new Trans Math position this week and hope to be able to fill the vacancy by today.
Finding just the right teacher or staff member is always a challenge and we feel we have been extremely fortunate this year to have been able to hire some great new teachers. Research shows that the key to success in classrooms is the teacher. Great teachers make learning fun and challenging for all learners. This is our goal at Taylor. Have a great weekend and I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the beauty of our lovely North Valley during Balloon Fiesta.

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