Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from Taylor!

The Principal’s Corner with Mr. Bateson

"If we meet someone who owes us thanks, we right away remember that. But how often do we meet someone to whom we owe thanks without remembering that?"
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Being the principal of a school is akin to being the conductor of a symphony orchestra. Each musician is vital to success of the orchestra. If one member is missing or one instrument is out of tune, the performance is compromised. And so it with deep thankfulness that I acknowledge the contribution of each member of the Taylor school staff for their contribution to our success this school year. Running a successful school requires teamwork and a willingness to put the needs of the students ahead of ones personal needs. Our teachers and staff do that every day and for that I am in their debt. As Goethe implies, we need to focus less on who owes us thanks and focus more on those to whom we owe thanks. Therefore, I want to thank the following members of the Taylor team for making this a great year:
Office, Counseling, Library, and Nursing Staff: Pam Meyer, Lindsay Estes, Officer Steve Aldredge, Suzanne Levison, Ellen Concini, Angela Aragon, Michele Chapman, Peggy Sanchez, Evelyn Martinez, and Melissa Garcia.
Custodial Staff: Peter Tapia, Albert Jaramillo, Manuela Delgado, Jose Marquez, and Anna Sedillo.
Cafeteria Staff: Shannon Rippy, Joyce Lyngen, Martin Ortiz, Jolene Martinez, Patricia Gonzalez, and Christina Rodriguez.
Special Education Administration and Ancillary Staff: Yolanda Sanchez, Rachel Molina, Debi Yocky, Heather Bolton, Jennifer Campos, Lorraine Griffith, Chris Kinney, Susan Thompson, Helena Gouws, Nancy Lovato, and Elaine Isaacs.
Educational Assistants: Carla Carrillo, Arlene Farley, Geraldine Garcia, Lisa Sedillo, Caroline Wells, Mariette Labonville, Linda Meadows, Roxanne Pacheco, Emily Parker, Geri Romero, Debi Romero, Bryant Johnson, Bryant Hammonds, and Janelle Stevenson
Teachers: Joellen Beller-Hudgins, Denise Brissey-Cohen, Renee Bustos, Karen Chertok, Tina DiChiara, Robert Fabert, Michelle Fencl, Darla Fields, Elizabeth Freysinger, Robert Gibson, Christy Green, Janice Hagerty, Karen Hall, Ann Hawks, Mark Hillmeyer, Susan Hillmeyer, Scott Hudgins, Laura Hurlbirt, Tim Isaacs, Mary Clare Janowski, Ashley Kasparek, Tammy Lodge, Helen Maloney, Karen Miller, SueAnn Miller, Vince Montoya, Jamie Munsey-Leyva, Theresa Muxworthy, Meghann O’Leary, Nichole Pennington, Gerri Reese-Smith, Carol Sharp, Roxanne Sikes, Margarita Smith, Maria Stefanova, Regina Szczypiorski, Lisa Todd, Rachel Trujillo, Mark Williams, and Susan Winchell.

That is 86 full and part-time staff members in case you counted and each one is vital to the functioning of Taylor. I also want to thank Tanya, Cheryl, Jean, Annamarie, Mary Ann, Jason, Kathy, Karen, Monica, Tiana and the many other PTO members who are such a blessing to Taylor. Have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us!

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